SEL For Parents

The nature of childhood has changed in the last 40 years. Children are coming to school without essential social and emotional skills. These skills are crucial for success! While there is a movement for schools to teach these skills in classrooms, we know that children’s learning is improved when there is a consistent message from both home and school. When parents and teachers work together, this consistent message is possible.

Family life has changed as well. Our lives are busy and complex. The question is “How can I, as a parent, teach these skills to my children?” I can help. I can show you how to teach your child these essential skills in an easy supportive way.

Children’s learning is affected by how adults make them feel – strong parent child relationships are key!

When children are able to understand their emotions and use that understanding to make good decisions, it makes busy family life much easier and happier. As parents, we want to be sure that our children are capable of managing themselves with whatever life throws their way. We want toknow that they can make good decisions for themselves that are aligned with their values and goal in life. We can intentionally teach these skills and provide opportunities to practice and excel. We can take the guess work out of “Have I done my job as a parent?” by teaching social and emotional skills in the home.

Parenting is challenging in this busy, complex world. Let me help you learn how to teach valuable social and emotional skills to your child(ren). You will learn what SEL skills really are, determine what skills to focus on for your child and how to teach your child these essential skills. You can learn in the privacy of your home on-line. We also offer a coaching component to provide on-going support. Contact us today to begin parenting for success!

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