About LearningSEL

anna-lisaWith over 15 years of experience, Learning SEL offers social and emotional learning training services for teachers and schools throughout the Canada and the United States. We offer a personalized program designed to equip teachers with skills and strategies to improve their students’ behavior, academic performance, and personal skills. Our program is tailored to fit your school’s unique culture and community.

Anna-Lisa Mackey, M.Ed. holds Bachelor’s degrees in both English and Education, as well as a Master’s degree in Education. She has worked as an educator for more than 15 years in a variety of school settings, focusing most of her time on children at risk for developing serious behavioral problems. Through her work training and implementing SEL programs in schools, she has developed a unique method of training teachers to learn how to implement social and emotional learning with an analytical perspective. This perspective can assist teachers in addressing challenging behavior in classrooms, preparing classes to be successful in all academic activities and if needed, choosing which programs to implement in their classrooms.

sel logo orginalAnna-Lisa is a SEL trainer/coach/consultant and has facilitated the implementation of SEL programs in preschool and in the elementary grades. She has been involved in training and coaching for two major research projects, one in the U.S. (Head Start Cares) and one in Canada (Canadian Mental Health). She has trained school staff and mental health professionals in Alberta and Nova Scotia, Canada, as well as California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia in the United States. She has also presented on social and emotional learning at numerous conferences.

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