SEL For Teachers

Helping Students Grow

In our online or in-person training sessions, you’ll learn how to help students connect with and understand their emotional experience, thereby enabling them to make better choices with a specific problem solving format. We’ll show you how to identify social skills your students require and how to embed activities and lessons that support such skills within existing academic lesson plans. This is not an “add-on” program but a way of viewing teaching and learning Social and Emotional skills within ALL academic subjects.

During our sessions, we provide a model that shows you successful ways to implement these social skills in the classroom. We also provide help with behavior management, character education, and anti-bullying programs. After our training, you’ll be prepared to introduce these fundamental skills in all academic areas.

On-site and Online Training

For our in-person training sessions, we come to your site and conduct training in one to two days. These sessions include theory discussion, hands-on activities, role-playing, and more.

Alternatively, we offer online training and webinars, both recorded and live. These sessions are ideal for remote teachers or if you’re seeking a more economical solution to your training needs.


As part of effective implementation and support to schools, we offer a coaching component for teachers or a site-designated SEL lead. Through the support of a coaching process, we can help move staff through the stages of change effectively and consistently. Change can be challenging. Coaching can help support this process and pave the way for effective, lasting change to occur.

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