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She is confident and has an in-depth understanding about how SEL needs to fit into a classroom so that it becomes the classroom culture and not just a stand-alone course…

Nova Scotia school sites were fortunate to have Canada’s most senior PATHS Trainer. With this extensive experience, she seamlessly integrated herself into Nova Scotia culture to train teachers from both the South Shore and Strait Regional School Board sites.

Ms. Mackey is a dynamic trainer and speaker who is able to communicate complex ideas in accessible ways. Ms. Mackey’s thoughtful and professional approach in sharing her expertise related social and emotional learning has significantly benefitted our staff as they continue to support the mental wellness of our students.

Mrs. Mackey demonstrates great skills in articulating the importance of developing social-emotional skills in our student body and thanks to her incredible communication skills, teachers left the trainings with a high level of motivation to start the social-emotional program with their students. In particular, Anna-Lisa demonstrated the ability to help teachers find a way to integrate the program into their regular content areas.

(We) have relied on Anna-Lisa’s expertise and advice to create a modified program that will excel participants SEL skills. Anna-Lisa has been instrumental in adapting PATHS to suit Bee Me Kidz needs and create an SEL parent component and I would highly recommend Anna-Lisa to any organization.

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